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TV Data Activation


TVbeat’s browser-based visualization tools, can be offered on top of a client’s Total TV Audience Stack and is powered by our proprietary Analytical Engine, which unlocks the ability to share TV data across your organization and external clients easily without any further engineering work. Department can build their own custom reports, run complex queries, create and analyse custom granular audience segments on the fly across any dimension, to better understand audience composition.

Benefits includes:

  • Data & trend analysis:
    Conduct historical, trend and data analysis across all platforms and data attributes.
  • Measure complex metrics:
    content performance metrics, such as viewer retention, loyalty and churn; track series drop offs and retention live.
  • Generate and deliver insights:
    on any custom audience segment activity, across all screens and export to marketing and advertising tools for improved targeting.
  • Easy to use tools:
    self-service browser-based tools, custom dashboards and reports for non-technical people.
  • Ensure cross-TV data integrity:
    across all internal and external tools/platforms and ensure no data leakage.

TV Ad Reporting & Analytics

Unlock custom, automated & granular reporting capabilities to better share TV ad performance across all your TV properties. This can be managed and shared with internal Ad Ops and Ad Sales teams, as well as your external clients: agencies and advertisers.

Benefits includes:

  • Enrich existing ad-server/SSP reporting:
    with census TV viewership and demographic data.
  • Optimized internal cross-TV Inventory reporting:
    provide single, multiple or overall TV ad campaign reporting across unlimited combination of filters throughout the organization.
  • TV ad Campaign Reporting and Optimization:
    automate TV ad campaign reporting to provide broadcasters and media agencies insight into the placement, performance, and KPIs based on your business requirements. This can be differed per agency and/or broadcaster.
  • Measure attribution of TV promotional:
    identify conversion rate to maximize efficiency to lead to increased TV consumption.

Forecasting & Planning

Our Total TV Inventory Management tool leads to smart data-driven decisions to better forecast available TV inventories and audiences, plan TV ad proposal and build internal and client TV ad campaign reports.

Benefits includes:

  • Overall view of Supply & Demand TV Advertising data:
    to able to accurately plan campaigns across all TV properties , by determining the potential impressions from streamlined granular census TV data to forecast & plan towards (niche) audience segments across all your cross- TV properties.
  • Plan towards niche TV audience segments:
    This is especially important towards attracting smaller/new TV advertisers interested in niche/granular audience targeting capabilities, with the ability to achieve higher TV rates.
  • Custom KPIs and metrics:
    ability to customize your TV data model and business logic in real-time across KPIs, calculations, and TV ad metrics. Is an impression 25% viewed or 75% viewed TV ad? When to re-target a audience segment? All this becomes simply configurable and allows you to manage your TV business more effectively.
  • Manage cross-TV inventory:
    across linear and on demand properties to analyze, build TV ad campaign proposals and optimize yield.
  • Manage pacing:
    visibility of TV ad campaign demand impact on inventory to highlight risk of overselling and highlight potential delivery issues. always knowing the state of your planned vs. actual budget pacing to ensure no budget is lost or wasted.
  • Analyzing inventory cross-TV sell through rate:
    across all the audiences and platforms: reach & frequency calculation across all data dimension and date periods. Across any device/audience segment/broadcaster/agency dimension.

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