Total TV media planning and forecasting,
unprecedented audience segment targeting,
and post-campaign reporting.

Automate the planning and forecasting of your multi-screen inventory, utilizing any supply and demand dimensions. This enhances your sales team’s ability to forecast cross-screen TV audience and inventory availability while dealing with multiple advertiser requests, to better determine guarantees to media agencies.

Further optimize your addressable TV advertising strategy to help your media agencies engage valuable granular audience segments across all your TV properties; to achieve the best ROI on their TV ad campaigns, minimize waste and offer advanced TV re-targeting features without data leakage.

In addition, provide your internal teams and your media agencies with real-time, customized, post-campaign online reports on any key metrics.

With TVbeat you can:

  • Build and optimize audience segments across all dimensions.
  • Secure incremental revenue without diluting current TV ad revenue streams.
  • Achieve one frequency cap across all your TV properties.
  • Maximize your TV ad forecasting, planning and targeting.
  • Automate reporting for ad campaigns.
  • Help your advertisers spend smarter and optimize their TV campaigns.
  • Tie TV exposure to results.

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