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TV Data Harmonization

Our software suite can ingest, process & unify fragmented, unstructured 1st party TV datasets such as TV set-top and OTT viewership, demographic, promotional and advertising datasets at any scale and across all connected devices, including connected set-top boxes. This can be further enriched with 3rd party datasets (e.g. panel-based audience data such as Experian).

TVbeat’s cross-platform software can fully run on any TV media client premises or 3rd party cloud (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform etc), ensuring TV data remains in full control of the client and seamlessly part of an overall client internal TV ad architecture. Our software has been benchmarked versus internally developed solutions and is proven to save our clients millions in annual costs in internal development & maintenance, operational overheads and scalability challenges. In addition to our commercial benefits our clients benefit from continued product innovation and successful case studies from leading TV media clients across the globe.

Benefits includes:

  • Scalable:
    utilize scalable software for ingesting, processing and merging census-level viewership, advertising and audience datasets from multiple data-sources and raw form.
  • Statistical Modelling:
    Benefit from proprietary algorithms to help determining the capping, zapping and weighting of linear set-top box datasets.
  • Save development & processing costs:
    optimize your internal architecture with TVbeat software to save +/- 40% on annual processing costs.
  • Output:
    to TVbeat value-added visualization tools, our APIs or any client preferred output format.
  • TV Enrichment:
    Merge your processed 1st party data with 3rd party audience data such as Experian on the market.
  • Enhance internal architecture:
    leverage TVbeat APIs to feed your existing internal tools/platforms, such as TV ad-server, CRM tools, and marketing promotion engines to make smart data-driven decisions.

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