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Software Engineer – C++

at TVbeat

The Role and Background

At TVbeat, we believe that the way that TV audience measurement is done today could be improved. We believe that modern technology can replace small samples and huge latencies with big data in real time. We believe we can do it. In fact, we are doing it. As a Software Engineer you will be responsible for the development of the product, and we require a candidate who is ambitious and experienced.

To be able to do this on our team, we believe you need to have some of the following traits:

Main Responsibilities and Requirements

  • Experience using C++.
  • Ability to write server-side code for data collection, search and indexing using C/C++.
  • Ability to create robust, fault-tolerant distributed systems in a multi-threaded/multi-process environment.
  • Can analyze and improve the scalability of data collection, routing , storage and retrieval.
  • You can scale data-intense problems horizontally, rather than vertically.
  • Have experience using Linux and/or Windows platforms
  • Preferably have a degree in Computer Science or a related engineering discipline, OR relevant work experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Be ambitious and have an enthusiasm for solving problems. Believe that life has something more in store for you. Demand to find out how far you can actually go.

We take good care of our people. If you are the one for TVbeat, this is what we’ll offer you:

  • A competitive salary
  • Stock options from day one
  • The best equipment
  • Location in Zagreb
  • Relocation assistance

Candidates from abroad welcome. Unfortunately telecommuting is not an option, sorry.

Established in 2013, TVbeat is a next-generation analytics SaaS platform providing
real time TV audience measurement to pay-TV platforms, broadcasters, media buyers,
TV content creators and distributors. TVbeat connects data from existing digital,
cable, satellite or IPTV networks in a single analytics platform. With data on all
aspects of channel performance, including ratings, share of viewing and real subscriber
numbers both live and on-demand, TVbeat enables providers to drill down and accurately
compare channels and content in real-time.

TVbeat is a year-old startup and we were funded by TechStars, and a group of seed
and angel investors. Our business team is based in London, while our engineering
team is based in Zagreb. Although we are only 16-strong, we already have many nationalities
in our team and most of us have previous experience in the TV industry or technology startups.

To apply, send us an email at:

We are hiring!