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Act immediately on our second-by-second census-based analytics.

Spot Ratings

Collecting data second-by-second.
TVbeat enables you to analyse real spot impact. You can compare campaigns, optimize frequency and reach, and address the right audience based on what content they see. No more spillage.

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zero rating zero rating

Understanding ROI on niche channels.

Collecting data second-by-second.
TVbeat eradicates the zero-rating problem, providing superior understanding of investments in extra reach on long-tail channels.

Measure and monetize non-linear advertising.

TVbeat measures even the smallest audience sizes across all connected devices.
By aggregating fragmented viewing from non-linear assets alongside traditional measurements on even the smallest channels, TVbeat shows the meaning of true incremental reach.

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Better reach for every dollar spent

Optimize media planning through data driven planning.
Rich, immersive, granular data and powerful cross-referencing tools will allow more optimized media planning.

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