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Knowing your audience is power - extract unrivalled user insights.

Improve content evaluation

Content selection, channel packaging and commercial impact.
TVbeat collects data on all aspects of channel performance, including ratings, share of viewing and real subscriber numbers both live and on-demand. This data enables providers to drill down and accurately compare channels. Even the smallest audience figures are measured – there is no more 'zero rating'.

drill down drill down


Improve Product Development – VOD/OTT offering

Product evaluation, VOD/OTT launches and new services.
Data captured by TVbeat stretches far beyond the traditional set-top-box and TV set. The inclusion of tablets, smart phones, in-apps, smart-TVs, consoles and web based viewership delivers innovative and extensive audience figures. This provides detailed insights into viewer consumption, helping providers to anticipate demand and tailor non-linear content for viewers.

Take CRM to the next level

Upselling opportunities and Customer lifetime management.
TVbeat pinpoints popular genres, habits and trends, providing unrivalled insights into how content is consumed – across the entire subscriber stock or drilled down to the individual subscriber level. This can inform the development of new targeted packages based on past viewing behaviour as well as help with optimizing the marketing and communication efforts across the customer base.



Churn prevention and Behaviour analytics

Avoid losing valued customers.
Anticipating the needs and behaviour of audiences is a powerful asset. Utilize millions of data points to identify households with high latency/low viewing figures, see packages subscribed to but not watched, and identify subscribers who are not engaging with the product – before it’s too late.

Grow your revenue through B2B partnerships

Partner with TVbeat to explore and maximize TV viewing data monetization.
Real-time TV analytics collected on a second-by-second census basis appeals to broadcasters and media buyers. Establish your audience data as a complementary analytics platform together with TVbeat. Your data has the potential to refine advertising campaigns, cross-promote content and attract new partners and brands.

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