TVbeat measures TV viewing on all connected devices anytime, anywhere in real-time.

Key Benefits

Single hybrid viewing figure

TVbeat aggregates fragmented viewing from non-linear/VOD/OTT assets alongside traditional measurements, creating a single hybrid viewing figure.

Low costs / Light assets

We have replaced many tedious labour-intensive manual tasks with automation and clever software, and replaced expensive hardware audience measurement equipment with exact data from existing digital TV providers.

Big multi-source sample

By implementing TVbeat’s technology in your existing digital cable, satellite or IPTV networks or any other VOD/OTT application you will turn millions of consumer interactions into actionable insights.

Fast and Accessible

We have replaced delayed SOV reports with a real-time, self-service, web-based dashboard accessible anytime and anywhere. All reports contain beautiful and easy-to-understand graphs and charts with secure password logins, making them ideal for knowledge sharing and team collaboration across the organization.

TVbeat aggregates, processes and presents data across any digital pay-TV and VOD/OTT solution in real-time.

State of the art technology, no middle-ware development, fast integration.

tvbeat how it works

Selected Product Features

Live ratings, no more overnights

Knowledge is power – react now!
Real-time analytics enables content creators and program schedulers with the power to react quickly, efficiently and to make smart decisions. No second is wasted.

real-time chart

Content analytics across any device

From the couch to the tablet and beyond.
Content is no longer consumed only through the traditional TV set.

segmentation chart

Linear vs. Non-Linear viewing

When the five o’clock news is on at seven.
No longer just a linear business, inclusion of time-shifted and VOD analytics is paramount in order to understand today’s digital consumer.

segmentation chart segmentation chart

Powerful segmentation capabilities

Drilling down provides more valuable result.
Use millions of data points made possible by return path data to extract detailed information – in real-time. Take your consumer knowledge to the next level.

segmentation segmentation
segmentation chart segmentation chart

Viewer retention

Make sure they stick with you.
Ensure you keep your audience tuned in and engaged. Address why and to where they move with pinpoint accuracy, and implement the appropriate actions to stay one step ahead of competition in the fight for eyeballs.

See the decay of audience over the course over four weeks
segmentation chart
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