Utilize your raw data
to enhance your existing TV infrastructure
and develop new audience-centric products
and ad solutions.

Enrich your internal TV architecture with a scalable cloud or on-premises platform for ingesting, processing and merging multi-device TV viewership, advertising and audience datasets. Utilise the power of TVbeat technology to process all unstructured data in real-time and merge it into your own cross screen data stack, protecting against external data leakage and achieving maximum granularity down to the device level.

TVbeat can help your organization understand how TV audience data can power your operations, and provide a solid foundation for making informed business judgements.

With TVbeat you can:

  • Quickly utilize a scalable platform for ingesting, processing and merging multi platform viewership, advertising and audience datasets
  • Merge your fragmented 1st party data with 3rd party data on the market
  • Optimize internal architecture and workflow to make better TV decisions
  • Enhance internal architecture with set of TVbeat APIs to feed the data to your current and future 3rd party TV solutions and services
  • Deliver an easy to use self-service set of tools, custom dashboards and reports for non technical people

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