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TV Data Activation Software Suite

to help you manage the addressable TV challenges & opportunities.

As TV broadcast companies are increasingly managing more complex portfolios of channels & digital services, delivering linear and nonlinear content to multiple connected TV devices. Further investing and developing new addressable TV and programmatic TV solutions. These developments present two main challenges:

  1. Cross-TV consumption is growing rapidly and becoming more fragmented, and currently unmeasured by traditional TV measurements providers.
  2. TV broadcast companies lack unified TV data assets required to support such cross-TV audience behavioral profiling and granular targeting capabilities.

TVbeat’s TV Data Activation Software Suite provides sophisticated proprietary modules to help succeed to address cross-TV experience and generate new sources of revenues, by effectively managing, measuring and monetizing cross-TV inventory and introduce data-driven (re-) targeting capabilities.

Our TV Data Activation Software Suite addresses 3 key areas:


Aim: streamlining raw & fragmented census linear & nonlinear cross-TV 1st & 3rd party TV data (set-top and OTT viewership, advertising, & demographic) at any scale and across all connected devices.

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Aim: browser-based visualisation tools to automate and enhance measurement, planning & forecasting of TV audiences & inventories across all TV properties.

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Aim: optimize TV inventory yield across all TV properties. Helping your advertisers achieve their campaigns KPIs.

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