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Unify inventory supply and demand to unlock cross-platform planning.
Leverage automation to achieve optimal efficiency, scalability and yield
across your TV advertising business

Trusted by the largest TV platforms and networks across the globe

What we do

Configurable modules and workflows addressing key sales-side TV advertising activity, flows and personas


Compose a deal across all inventory pools through intuitive self-serve interfaces, indicate campaign parameters including duration, budget, target frequency, impressions and KPI

Taking holistically advantage of all owned & operated, partner and acquired inventory sources: linear ad spot, impression-based linear, addressable linear, VoD and streaming

Audience Manager

Leverage your First party and any licensed Third party data to activate any de-duplicated audience segment or import your standard audience segments

Eliminating the need for end-users to be restricted to pre aggregate audience segments


Easily understand whether a campaign proposal can be delivered in real-time based on the targeting parameters

Leverage our machine learning forecasting algorithms to accurately predict TV inventory capacity. These algorithms utilize unlimited historical data and take real-time updates into account, including booked, reserved, or guaranteed campaigns


Accurately and seamlessly plan and book campaigns, taking into account the most optimal inventory yield and your business rules

Our solution will push the ad delivery instructions to your existing underlying ad delivery systems


Take real-time action to manage delivery and performance ensuring campaign goals are optimized and achieved

Provide internal or multi-tenant stakeholders (post-) campaign reporting


Enabling campaign planning, measurement and reporting capabilities to advertisers, agencies, programmers and other third parties such as inventory partners

Ensure 100% data integrity, 0% data leakage with advanced permission and data filtering controls

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