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How we do it

This opportunity shall greatly benefit cable operators and networks. We ensure that premium sell-side media companies avoid losing control of their inventory


Privacy-compliant data-driven TV advertising solutions with unprecedented scalability both horizontally and vertically. Fully Modular, we function as a seamless SaaS layer on top your tech stack, bridging existing systems and data flows; gain maximum efficiency and scalability in day-2-day operations

Data Harmonization.

Establish a data foundation in an effort to overcome the industry's challenge to overcome vague and inaccurate data. We ingest, process, normalize and merge your First party data and any Third party licensed measurement, audience and attribution data sources. Clients can set configurable client predefined data science and business rules


Our SaaS can be deployed on any client premises or appointed infrastructure provider. Deployment of any SaaS module is data-agnostic and fully configurable. Self-serve interfaces can be adapted to streamline any existing internal and external workflows, integrate approval chains and adherence to business rules to ensure transition is friction-less


With extensive permission based controls, give limited or full access based on your organizational structure and existing business rules.

Monitoring & Alerts

24/7 real-time monitoring and alerting based on industry leading Service Level Agreements. This ensures our SaaS solution, infrastructure and client data is reliable and free from errors, duplicates, inconsistencies, and outdated information. This results in accurate decision-making and actions across our solution capabilities based on 100% data integrity


Expose data to internal teams, media agencies, media partners, and/or media sales houses. With advanced permission and data filtering controls to manage what is exposed and who it is exposed to.

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